Decorating with letters: Ideas and Examples

Decorating with letters has become very fashionable, it is a trend already established in decoration because of how easy, economical and versatile it can be. In today’s article, we will see a few examples to inspire you and get your own ideas, you will see how fun and beautiful it is.

Decorate with cushions that are letters

The decoration with letters is so versatile because it fits any style or decorative current. Minimalism, vintage, contemporary, shabby chic, industrial retro, can be adapted to any trend, of any color or texture, with volume or flat, made of flowers, metal or cardboard. They can be single letters, your initials, a name or a phrase, they can be decorative objects or printed framed, it can be what you want it to be.

Decorate with DIY or purchased letters

Also in this, they are an advantage because there are for all pockets. Whether you do not want to spend a lot of money, or if you like exclusive decoration, you have the option to make them yourself, such as these letters made with moss, or buy them in designer stores, either with modern materials, vintage metal, etc.

Ideas to decorate the wall with letters

If you do not want to buy expensive letters or you want to make them yourself, you’re in luck, because when you get fashionable there are many cheap options in stores, made of wood, cardboard, plastic, fabric, even cushions that are letters.

However, if you like crafts, or want to spend a creative time and know the decopatch technique, on you have white letters ready to decorate as you like. Decopatch is nothing more than decorating objects with stamped paper, it is moistened with a special glue for it and it is given shape on the object, it is very easy and it looks very nice.

Decorate the wall with adhesive letters

Maybe it had not occurred to you that the stickers are also a good idea for decorating the walls. They are very economical, easy to put on and take off, and the result is great because there are many different designs very cool.

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Today we have at our disposal suitable materials for this type of decoration. They are not normal and current stickers, they are adhesive vinyl of great quality and resistance, which adhere to any type of surface. In you have many stickers to decorate your walls and give them a different touch.

Other ideas and examples of decoration with letters

To finish the article today I leave you a few photos with examples to inspire you and invent your own decorative ideas. The truth is that you can do everything and there are some very cool, there is nothing like thinking and being imaginative!

Now that you know what is moving in this trend, I encourage you to imagine how they would be somewhere in your house, and then carry it out, not just stay in your head! If you liked the article and you think your friends might like it, you would do me a favor if you shared it on social networks !!🙂

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