Decor of walls in the house

Decor of walls in the house

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Decor of walls in the house

Any decoration is the final and most pleasant stage of any repair. If we talk about the decor of the walls in the rooms of the dwelling, this process favorably influences not only the image of the interior but also the creativity of the owners. To make your design dreams a reality is easier with the help of decorative elements. Even a small change in the design of the walls of the room leads to a colossal change in the image of the interior. But this is often quite a bit necessary. If you have some skills in the sphere of handmade, free time and a great desire to transform the design of a particular room in your apartment, this collection of original, practical, creative and simple ideas for you is for you.

If your goal is a Unique Design

Since ancient times, people have been decorating the walls of their homes. If you can call the walls of the cave, in which the first rock carvings were found. Today it is not necessary to have high artistic qualities, skills of needlework, to decorate your home in an original, stylish and aesthetic way. To our services not only various materials and devices that simplify the production of decorative elements, but also the experience of generations, accumulated over many years of the very concept of decorating your home.

Certainly, any handmade raises the level of uniqueness of the interior. This is the simplest way to create a complex creative design and a unique design of a particular room. But the wall decor can perform not only the functions of decorating the interior. By using different color and textural solutions for decorating walls, you can hide any lacks of finishing and even design features; you can divert attention from the unsuccessful design of the functional area and highlight the main segment of the room.

With the help of wall decor, it is easy to delay the performance of repair – cosmetic or global. Not to mention that to refresh the situation of the room, to give it new notes of character, to create a color or texture accent – all this is easy to do with a wall decor, which does not require you to spend a lot. And if you perform any decorative work in conjunction with the household, then in addition to a beautiful interior, you can get an excellent opportunity for rapprochement, holding a joint time of parents with children.

Pictures, posters and not only

One of the most ancient and at the same time effective ways of decorating walls is the use of paintings, various panels, posters in frames and not only. Modern designers suggest to try themselves in the sphere of decorating their own dwelling even those who are far from fine or decorative and applied art. Use ready-made frames for pictures or photos that are sold in the store (or make your own choice if you have the skills of carpentry) in combination with improvised means – twigs, paper or material blanks. The composition of the desired color scheme is easiest with acrylic paints.

Cutlery and various kitchen accessories, which are no longer used in work processes, can be used to compose original compositions. Decorate with transformed household items you can kitchen, dining room, veranda of a country house and even a living room decorated in the style of a country or a shabby chic. The favorite aphorism, your family slogan or just a beautiful saying that helps to motivate, adjust to actions and accomplishments or vice versa – relaxing and soothing can become an ornament of the interior. For this, it is enough to have a printed slogan. It can be placed in a beautiful or original frame, harmoniously blending into the interior.

Very impressive look compositions, wall panels, made up of decorative elements of one form and having one style of performance, different in color or the presence (absence) of the print. Such panels can be made from a variety of materials – from plain paper to velvet fabrics. And what about the finished gypsum decorative elements imitating stucco, which you use not on the ceiling for the purpose, but on the walls? Staining several elements in different shades of the same color will allow you to create a harmonious, but original composition. Another way to use improvised tools is to compose compositions from what is literally lying under your feet – twigs, snags, cuttings of stumps of original shape, cones and other gifts of nature.

Even the simplest garlands made of paper, fabric or other materials can become an original decoration of the interior. The bedroom is most often decorated with a wall behind the head of the bed, and in the living room – above the sofa or a pair of armchairs creating a soft seating area. If you have artistic ability, then not using this wonderful gift would be a crime. A unique design that does not require large financial investments (but, of course, which requires a lot of time) is provided to you. Even drawings made with stencils can become a highlight of the interior, highlighting it among many similar design projects.

Wall decor can be incredibly practical. For example, from an ordinary frame with a net stretched over it, you can get an excellent storage system for decorations. Earrings and brooches are very convenient to place on such wall storage. For beads, necklaces, chains, and bracelets, you can use slats with hooks attached to them. A similar idea can be used to manufacture a housekeeper. All your keys will always be in their place, thanks to such a simple device. With the help of frames, it is possible to make out also switches, counters, and blocks of adjustment of temperature or the house alarm system.

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