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Home Design 101: Options for the collection of family photos

No less popular and ancient way of preserving the history, at least the history of one house – the use of family portraits. If our ancestors needed to apply for help to professionals, to use the services of portraitists, then it is enough for us to print out successful photos and insert them into the frame. But in the usual arrangement of finished photos within the framework it is possible to show creativity, using not only the variety of shapes and sizes of the wall decor but also additional elements.

Original photo looks within the framework, the bindings of which is not hidden behind the products themselves but is intentionally put on display. This can be a simple twine, and beautiful thin chains – the weight depends on the concept of decorating the entire interior. Recently, various wall decorations, carved from wood, have become popular. This can be an entire inscription (family name, for example) or just one letter. But made in a single color palette with photo frames, such decorative elements become an excellent decoration for both wall composition and premises.

A photo without borders can look as impressive in a composition is placed on special stretchers that are not visible to the eye. And if you add a garland with light bulbs or ribbon lighting to the photo, then in addition to the excellent wall decoration and keeping in memory the pleasant moments, you can also get a festive mood. But glowing garlands can act as an independent attribute of the wall decor. To fix a wire with bulbs in a certain form is not difficult, and the result of the created effect can exceed all expectations.

Mirrors in the modern interior

rustic-mirrors-big-mirrors In itself, a large mirror in a beautiful or creative frame is able not only to perform its basic functions but also to decorate the interior of the room. If you use several small mirrors of the same shape, but in different frames (most often performed in a single stylistic solution), you can get a whole decorative composition. Mirror elements can be used without frameworks to compose the original composition. Time and effort in drawing up such panels will require much more, but the result compensates for all costs – the wall decor turns out to be original, stylish and modern.

Flowers and houseplants as interior decoration

Indoor plants help us not only to decorate the interior with luscious greenery and beautiful flowering but also to create a special, cozy atmosphere, to purify the air in our homes and to bring home warmth. The most simple flower pots will “play” with new colors if they are placed in neat cells or special holders on the wall. Not always placing on the windowsill is possible, and not all plants need so much light. For flowers, you can use the original way of placing the vase. It is enough to attach a beautiful jar (bottle, flask or any other original or simply a memorable vessel) to the wooden base with the help of the holder. Such a decor will help bring a touch of calmness and such cozy countryside (in the case of a city-dwelling – suburban) life to the interior.

The original wooden shelves in the country style will help to place not only houseplants but also small frames with photos, figurines, collectibles – in short, all sorts of trifles so close to the heart. The advantage of such storage systems is that they fit organically into the interior of the premises of any functional load. Open shelves are appropriate in the living room and bedroom, children’s room, and dining room, in the kitchen and even the bathroom. But if you use not simple rectangular shelves as storage systems, but designs of the original form, then significantly increase the degree of uniqueness of the interior. Triangular and trapezoidal, in the form of a hexagon or diamond, in the form of honeycombs – cells with shelves are able to decorate the interior of a room for any purpose. Even the old guitar can be given a second life, constructing from it an original shelf for placing small houseplants. Lighting the composition with a garland, you can get uneasy wall decoration, but also the creation of a special, festive atmosphere.

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