5 Spring Trends To Freshen Up Your Home


With spring in the air at last, we are delighted to reveal our latest Studio room set. Inspired by Lewis & Wood’s lovely “Beech” wallpaper, we decided to embrace nature. Always wanting to give our Studio a bit of a designer twist, we used the wallpaper above woven panels of wicker – a contemporary take on panelling and a dado rail. We are delighted with the end result, which gives a natural and organic backdrop to the furniture collection we selected.

Always keen to share our creative inspirations, we thought we would share some of our thoughts on spring trends and how to use them to update and refresh a space. 


Flowers & Plants

Indoor plants

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Bring the outdoors in! Different plants and flowers create different atmospheres. Cut flowers are uplifting, their fresh scent brightens your mood. Tulips are beautiful and work well in a kitchen, study or dining room, whilst roses in a sitting room or bedroom look and smell beautiful.  If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to add some nature though, try some indoor plants which should last longer if they are looked after. Studies show that simply looking at a plant can give you some of the benefits of spending time outside!


Cushions & Accessories

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The quickest and simplest way to update your home is to include a few new accessories. Cushions make the biggest impact, and by adding some fresh colours and botanical prints a sombre scheme is immediately transformed into a spring-like space. Vases, pots and containers in soft pastel colours also add a fresh touch.  Don’t be afraid to have a ‘play’ and move things around to get the balance right. 


Pastel Tones

Pastel colour scheme

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Colours have the ability to completely transform a space. They can also affect your mood – walking into a room decorated in a spring scheme immediately lifts the spirits. Soft dusty pinks, pale and fresh greens, sunny yellows, sunset oranges, tidal blues.  These lovely pastel tones work really well against darker more neutral backgrounds like the charcoal grey velvet we used to upholster our Studio Sofa. Like us you can keep your pastels to the smaller pieces in a room and keep things safe on your bigger investment items.  


Rattan & Wicker Materials

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Using natural materials like rattan and wicker are very on-trend and add that lovely organic, relaxed element to a room. If you’re not ready to go for a wicker chair, think about adding a few baskets which can double up as great storage space.



Lewis and Wood wallpaper

Image source: Lewis & Wood Floreat / Beech

There are some gorgeous new wallpapers on the market with subtle flowers in spring colours. Use them in a smaller space like a cloakroom if you are not feeling brave! Similarly patterned wallpapers always look great used as a backdrop behind a bed or sofa.  You can even take your favourite print and frame it or cover a canvas with it for instant artwork that does not cost an arm and a leg! 


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